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Al Manal Food Industries

Company Overview

Al Manal Food Industries is a multi-million dollar company based in Aleppo, Syria specialized in processing and packaging cereals and pulses grown on Syrian soil.
Al Manal was established with the vision of systemizing and developing the supply chain of premium Syrian agricultural products to the maximum efficiency.
At Al Manal, the focus is on procuring, processing, packaging, and exporting varieties of cereals, seeds, and pulses grown in Syria.  Our activities begin with the procurement of first-rate raw materials to then proceed with cleaning, sieving, splitting, color sorting, and packaging of our premium end products ready for delivery.
At Al Manal we strive to deliver the highest quality products to our customers through the use of best resources, technology, and continued research.  Our factories use state of the art machinery and equipment and are fully automated with no human intervention.  Our focus on continuous research and improvement places us at the leadership of our industry in Syria and provides us with an incessant competitive advantage.

Al Manal Vision

To be a global respected corporation that provides the best healthiest food products, delivered by best in class people.

Al Manal Mission

To achieve our objectives in providing the highest quality finished product at the best competitive prices in an environment of fairness, honesty and courtesy towards our clients, employees, vendors and society at large.

Values that drive us

  • Customer Delight:  A commitment to surpassing customer expectations.
  • Leadership By Example:  A commitment to set standards to our business and an example for the industry in Syria.
  • Integrity and transparency:  A commitment to be ethical sincere and honest in our dealings.
  • Pursuit of Excellence:  A commitment to strive relentlessly towards constantly improving ourselves, our teams, our services and products.